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We offer customized programming arrangements custom-made to the specific prerequisites of your organization, Custom programming applications addresses a preferred decision over the standard arrangements. We explicitly plan tailor made programming that is exceptional to you. Your framework can be completely incorporated with your cycles, with the specific element that you need,and precisely the manner in which you need it to work and capacity. We offer multi-level engineering, that is adaptable arrangements as tailor made programming is explicitly planned with the drawn out IT plans of your organization. We offer and a supplier of a full bundle of programming consultancy administrations, programming plan servicxes, IT re-appropriating, advancement administrations, programming plan services,Company out obtaining custom tailored web-application arrangements.

Systems Software Solutions

We offer the following software solutions system development software solutions



We provide web-development services tailored to the custom needs of our clients.


Website Development

We design and create custome websites that are mobile friendly with accordance to your business needs.



Software that is meant to enable customers to quickly and efficiently find what they need in your store.



Automate your processes, manage all important business content in one secure location.


Software Development

Design an application of software in accordance to business needs ,personal objective, goal or process.



A diverse range of custom software development solutions from data warehouses with business intelligence analysis tools to websites and desktop development.



Fast Secure Hosting, with World Class Design · Cost Effective


Cloud Based Design

All our applications are Hybrid-Cloud technologically designed, for your data security and backup.



search engine optimization services intended to increase visibility and ultimately organic search traffic to websites


Infralogix Software accepts most recent advances and supporting turn of events and imagination. Infralogix programming makes tailor made frameworks utilizing c# and .Net advancements, application reconciliation Utilizing the most recent advances, C#,ASP.NET MVC, T-SQL and MS SQL to foster specialized answers for complex issues. We additionally use other demonstrated advancements, for example, being developed incorporate Javascript Frameworks and Libraries, Object Mapping advances, N-Tier and N-Layeredarchitetcure, Microsoft Open Web Interface and WCF (NServiceBus) , Restfull Services


The approach we follow involves first getting an understanding of what the client is looking to achieve—and then coming up with options on how to achieve using relevant technologies and processes.

We make the application development process smooth and create value-driven and complex web products.


Front-end Development

  • User-centered software design
  • Accelerated Mobile/Web Pages
  • Mobile-First/Api-First approach
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Motion UI & JS animations
  • Modular UI design & development

Back-end Development

  • Microservice and Monolithic architecture
  • Container based architecture (Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Best practices ( SOLID, DI, TDD, 12Factor App)
  • Data engineering and Data Science
  • IoT product architecture

DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud Solutions (AWS, Google, Azure, DigitalOcean, Alibaba)
  • Multi Cloud/Cloud agnostic approach
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • CI/CD configuration
  • Disaster Recovery automation
  • Log aggregation and analysis

SaaS Web Application Development

We provide Saas software development delivering a software service through the web, its a cloud model,it's a cloud model that facilitates the process of setting up and managing software while websites are online channels to display any content through the web

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